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Evidence Based Practice

VONL’s Goals for this Priority:

Develop a statewide resource for best practice and EBP initiatives in the state – See Below

Compile a database of EBP nursing projects in Vermont 

If you have an EBP project you would like to submit, please complete the EBP project reporting form below and send it to the web editors. Submissions will be posted on this page.

EBP Project Reporting

Web Resources for Evidence Based Practice:

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Review of site: This site is a dense catch all for all quality research. The AHRQ resource links for nursing may be found HERE. Layout: Search feature is essential, menu items are laid out in a confusing jumble.

Capital District Nursing Research Alliance Review of site: The mission of the Capital District Nursing Research Alliance is to facilitate the development and collaboration of nursing students, nurses, and nursing scholars in health care organizations and academic institutions to conduct, utilize and disseminate research findings readily translatable into evidence based practice and health policy. Lesson plans to guide nurses through the process of Evidence Based Practice. Layout: Simple menu tabs on the left direct reader to the lessons.

Centre for Evidence Based Nursing: University of York Review of site: The Centre for Evidence Based Nursing CEBN) is concerned with furthering EBN through education, research and development. This site includes a thorough exploration of nursing research and applications in the clinical setting. It underlines the importance of teaching nurses how to access research, barriers to accessing research and ways nurses prefer to incorporate research. Layout: Only one article can be directly accessed, but there are links to the authors and an invitation to collaborate.

Centre for Evidence Based Medicine – Toronto Review of site: One page overview of EBP in nursing. Curious lack of links, only descriptions of other sources. Not very helpful. Layout: The menu on the sidebar takes you away from the one page overview. Scroll down for the information.

Clinical Practice Guidelines Royal College of Nursing and NICE Review of site: This is a comprehensive clinical practice guideline for the diagnosis and management of adults with irritable bowel syndrome. It is included in this document as an example of a collaborative approach to clinical care. Layout: This is a large PDF document that is easily navigated through use of thumbnails or bookmarks.

Netting the evidence: a SCHARR introduction to evidence based practice Review of site: This site is not geared to nursing, its focus is on medical practice, however there are links to articles that any researcher will find helpful (how to read a medical study, how to understand data, etc.).Layout: Menu tabs on the left are clear, some links are broken, the site has not been updated since 2004.

Penn State Evidence Based Practice Tutorial for Nurses Review of site: Quick and handy reference to EBP including a tutorial and a worksheet. There are scenarios to serve as examples. There is a comprehensive bibliography geared to teaching EBP. Layout: One page with easy intuitive links. Embedded worksheet.

UNC Health Sciences Library Review of site: This site takes a beginner’s approach to EBP from definitions to applications for nursing practice. There are tools and resources, links to articles and databases. Some of the linked texts and articles are over 10 years old. Layout: easily navigated with clear menu tabs.

University of Minnesota Evidence Base Practice Tutorial Review of site: Scenarios are used to help increasing understanding of EBP. Minimalist site with a fairly comprehensive resource page including links to other sites. Layout: Mystifyingly simple. Resources is probably the most useful menu item. There are two tutorials.

VHA Leading Practice Portal Review of site: Dense resource that provides information on best practices including webinar, policies developed, etc. Most health care agencies are members, but nursing schools are not. Layout: Many depths to this amazing resource. Benefits are not immediately apparent.

Yale Library and Information Resources Review of site: Definitions of the process and a reminder that EBP for nursing was derived from the EBP physician practice. Layout: Minimalist, no resource links, just directions for searching CINAHL.